the writing of britney wood

"This is a purely delightful book! It captured my attention from the first word to the last. The characters are interesting, and the magical realm is quite fascinating. I look forward to the next one!" Britney Wood's (Dehnert) first novel in print can be found on Amazon in both Kindle and print.

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the art of jerry antolik

"Daniel", by MB Artist Jerry Antolik, is oil on canvas. High quality giclee prints of this painting are available for contribution through Covenant Presbyterian Church in order to raise funds for the CPC MB Team. Email MB through our "Contact" page for more information or to purchase this print.

Numbered, unframed prints:

36" X 36" - $460

30" X 30" - $320

24" X 24" - $220

18" X 18" - $125

TBA May | June, 2020